Men to Men Ministry

The Men’s Fellowship Men To Men Ministry serves to extend a hand of fellowship to the men of Big Canoe who may be recovering from surgery, or an accident, or are “shut-ins” due to a disability.   Or who, for any reason, would simply enjoy some some conversation and good wishes.

MNGTAaarrrrgggghhhh! A bunch of “swarthy Pirates” take a spin around Lake Petit.  On board were Tom Persing, Harry Yarbrough, Dave Blake and Bill Van Dyke.  Hosts for the “cruise” were Tom Green, Brad Herren, Mike Twiss and Darryl Anderson.  And a beautiful morning it was with a temp in the low 70’s and a  cooling breeze off the starboard bow. The boating expedition was sponsored and staffed by the Big Canoe Chapel’s Men’s Fellowship’s  Men To Men (MTM) Ministry.  The MTM Ministry seeks to visit and keep engaged our fellow Big Canoers who may not be as mobile as in days gone by and those just needing some male fellowship.