Healing Hearts Ministry


Frank Garner, Tom Greene and Charlie Vick work on a mural at the Canton Nursing Center.

Big Canoe Chapel Men’s Fellowship’s  “Healing Hearts” program is off to a good start.
The program is the creation of Fellowship members John Feight and Tom Greene. Both wanted to do something more for our Sunday prayer list of members who reside in assisted living facilities.

“Sitting in the worship service on Sunday mornings…praying for them…didn’t seem enough,” Tom said. “I wondered how we could help in this Chapel ministry.”

John is an artist and founder of the Foundation for Hospital Art. He has visited hospitals and nursing homes all over the world painting ceiling tiles and murals with patients and residents. It’s a proven ministry that helps heal all the participants, he says.


Rev. Chalmes Holmes paints and visits with Tom Greens and Bill Gibson at Heritage Health Care of Jasper.

He thought that a similar program would be a good way to interact with our prayer list members. Painting would then become the focal point, not the visit and forced conversation. Everyone’s participation in painting the mural would be a relaxing and, yes, healing way for the visited and the visitors alike.

Tom liked the idea and the program got underway with Tom serving as coordinator for the “Healing hearts” visitations. Tom and John, along with other members of the Fellowship, have already visited Chalmes Holmes, Frank Garner, Phil Ellington and Martha Atkins and they’re looking for volunteers to join them in other visits.

We continue to visit nursing homes and are reaching out to homes for rehab such as ABBA House, Timothy House. Hope House. Ruth House as part of our outreach program. We have received very positive feedback to all of visits.

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If you would like to participate in a painting visit, please an email  mensfellowship@bigcanoechapel.org.